Residential Painting Courses Programme 2021

We are running a shorter programme of holidays this summer, allowing time for virus numbers to decrease and for our artists to be vaccinated. The new dates are shown below.

We continue with all the social distancing measures which we introduced in 2020. Please note to join a holiday you must show evidence that you have received both doses of a Covid vaccine- this is to keep everyone safe. You can find full details of our Covid safety precautions here...

You can download our registration form here.... To enquire about a holiday, please contact us by email, or call us on 01398 332094

May 31-June 7
Landscapes/Gardens 7 nights £780 Mon pm-Mon am Early Summer Gardens & Scenery Week
June 14 – 21
Scenery/Gardens 7 nights £795 Mon pm–Mon am Devon Scenery & Gardens in Summer
June 28– July 5
Gardens/ Scenery 7 nights £795 Mon pm–Mon am Midsummer Glory Week 
July 12-16 Gardens/ nature 4 nights £475 Mon pm- Fri am Midsummer Gardens & Landscapes Break
Aug 5- 13
Gardens 8 nights £820 Thurs pm -Fri am Bold and Beautiful Borders
Combined summer 8-night painting holiday with free day at a special price.
August 5-9
Gardens 4 nights £475 Thurs pm –Mon am Summer Colour Break 1
August 9-13
Gardens 4 nights £475 Mon pm–Fri am Summer Colour Break 2
August 20- 27
One place remaining
Gardens/ scenery 7 nights £795 Fri pm – Fri am Summer abundance Week    
September 4-8
Scenery & Gardens 4 nights £465 Sat pm- Wed am September Colours Painting Break
September 14 -21 Landscapes/ Gardens 7 nights £780 Tue pm–Tue am Autumn Landscapes and Gardens Week